Tomes and Grimoires are integral to obtaining the best loot possible from each mission. Athel Yenlui is the first mission of the second act, and sees the heroes travel through an elven forest and ruins in order to realign the ley lines using a large device. Along the way they encounter both Chaos and Skaven.

"The Bridge of Shadows has been a boon, but it seems our enemies may have got wise. Oleysa says there's interference in the Winds of Magic, centered around an old elf temple nearby. Take a Warrior, have a gander, and put a stop to whatever it is they're up to do, and we won't stand a chance if you're left marching up and down the countryside."

In total, and as with any mission, there are 3 Tomes and 2 Grimoire to collect. Collecting them all will also significantly increase the difficulty of the level, as they limit both your inventory slots and your maximum health. 

Tomes and Grimoires (In Collection Order)


1. Tome: The first Tome is easy to locate, and is only a few minutes into the mission. As you head from the spawn point, keep to the right hand side of the wood. After you've reached the river, with cliffs either side of you, keep going. You'll eventually come out the other side, climb a gentle slope, and drop down into a small pit. As you hang right, you'll see an overturned tree. 


Crawl through the log, keep walking forwards, and you'll see the Tome in a box on the floor. 


2. Grimoire: Immediately after collecting the first Tome, turn around and walk to the left side of the woods . Hug the left hand cliff as your team head deeper into the forest. As the path slopes, you'll come to a dead end and see some sets of boulders on the floor. If you face the boulders (with the cliff now on your right), jump across them until you grab the Grimoire nestled amongst the rocks. Alternatively, you can leap up against the cliff underneath the Grimoire and if you're a tall Hero, snag it. 


3. Tome: The second Tome is easy to find. After grabbing the first Grimoire, head back to the middle of the wood and head straight forwards. As you reach the mouth of the Skaven tunnels (they're marked by dozens of red flags) just walk slightly to the right. In a small crate to one side is the second Tome.


4. Grimoire: The second and final Grimoire is challenging to find, and requires you to do a mini puzzle. After you've travelled through the Skaven cave, and reached the Elven ruins, head straight forwards. If you follow the path left and through the entrance, you'll walk across some vines. On the lower left hand wall is a protruding brick: press it.


Once you've done this, head to the opposite wall, and press the second brick at the back.

For the third and final brick, head out of the ruins (as if you're going back onto the large path surrounding the ruins) and head up the hill. As it cuts right, there's a balcony and at the end of that, is the brick. Once you've used the third, some stairs will begin to open up behind you to reveal the second Grimoire. 


5. Tome: The final Tome is just as you begin to leave the Elven ruins. Follow the path after collecting the last Grimoire, head over the ramp made from crumbling stone, and just stick to the right-hand wall. You'll walk past a fallen pillar, and through some bushes. At the end is a rock which you can jump on, with the third Tome on the ledge next to it. 

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018

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