Tomes and Grimoires are integral to obtaining the best loot possible from each mission. Righteous Stand is Mission 1, Act 1, and sees the heroes travel through Helmgart, which has been conquered by the Chaos warriors. The goal is to ring the bell in the Temple of Sigmar in order to create a distraction for Oleysa.

"Listen, Olesya's got a good shot at gaining some proper information about the Skittergate. She's going into Helmgart, and so are you. Difference is, she'll be sneaky, and you'll be loud. Provide a distraction by ringing the bells at the Temple of Sigmar. Let's allow the old woman to work in peace, eh?

In total, and as with any mission, there are 3 Tomes and 2 Grimoire to collect. Collecting them all will also significantly increase the difficulty of the level, as they limit both your inventory slots and your maximum health. 

Tomes and Grimoires (In Collection Order)


1. Tome: The first Tome is easy to locate, and is only a few minutes into the mission. As you head from the spawn point, and work your way through the narrow streets, you'll come to a open courtyard with a fountain in the center. Head up the ramp, and to the left is an abandoned cart near a gate. Look inside the cart and you'll find the Tome. 


2. Grimoire: Set in the bowels of the tunnel network, this Grimoire is high on some boxes. You'll need to stand on an overturned bench, before leaping onto some boxes in front of you. Once you have, turn around to leap onto the boxes opposite, before collecting the Grimoire. 


3. Tome: The second Tome is a little trickier, and is situated after the large Skaven fight once you've called the lift (but before the cannon). As you head along the perimeter wall (Bastion Entrance), you'll head up a ramp inside the first tower. If you head to the far right hand side and look down, you'll see a Tome in a basket. Drop down onto it to pick it up, before looping back round. If you're into the cannon courtyard, you've gone too far.


4. Grimoire: The second and final Grimoire is after you've used the cannon to explode the wall, and the hardest of all the objects to find. Make your way through the courtyard, and into the opposing guard tower. Once you've gone up the ramp, open the door in front of you. You'll need to leap over a series of beams above the keep door, before landing on the opposite side.


Once you have, there'll be a lever in front of you. Once you pull this, a ladder will descend through the window on your right hand side. Leap onto this to collect the Grimoire. 



5. Tome: The final Tome is just before the last "boss" encounter, and is hidden away in the grassy area, once you've vaulted over the final wall. On the far left hand side, through some bushes, is the Tome hidden away at the back of a cave. It's difficult to see, so just hug the left wall and keep walking forwards.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018

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