The Ironbreaker in Warhammer Online is the iconic tank every game strives for and is truly a leader on the battlefield. Ten Ton Hammer readers will soon learn that they can use their Grudges to survive longer, do higher damage, or buff allies. Want to learn more about the Ironbreaker and what they can bring to combat? Take a look at our overview and learn about their roles in groups, Players vs Player, and what paths they can master.

The Ironbreaker willingly and gladly positions himself in the front lines during battle and holds Grudges against those who harm his allies. In this way, he manages to simultaneously epitomize the role of the tank without being a boring warrior that can only try to control aggro and wait for his friends to do the rest of the work. Despite a disposition that is gruff, quarrelsome and taciturn, the Ironbreaker is your best friend on the field of battle. He is easy to spot in his gleaming and ornately adorned gromril armor. The Ironbreaker often carries a massive shield as well.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016