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All Good Things...

November 3rd, 2008 - By

title for this week's newsletter is the same title of the final episode
of href=""
Trek: The Next Generation and was my favorite for a
number of reasons. While it may not have much to do with href="" target="_blank">Vanguard:
Saga of
itself, it does have a lot to do with this week's Chronicle for the
simple fact that this is my last one. Rather than leaving href="" target="_blank">Ten
Hammer though, I'm moving up to the main site, doing

" target="_blank">All
Good Things..." was a great episode for a number of
reasons. It highlighted the relationships between all the crewmembers
through the past, present, and future. While bittersweet, it brought
out the best in the writing and gave hope for the future. That's how I
see this week's edition of Dalmarus' Vanguard Chronicles.

Almost exactly one year ago today, I posted href=""
first newsletter (they weren't
called Chronicles yet), as the Vanguard site lead. In
it, I mentioned the only thing that's constant in the world is change.
Things here at Ten Ton Hammer are no different. We change and grow,
hopefully for the better as we move about within our lives.

Throughout the last year, we've seen a number of things change within
Vanguard both in terms of the population, content, and game mechanics.
The game has had its ups and downs just like the community that
supports it. There have been times we've all freaked out and over
reacted about a specific change being made. At other points, we've also
all stood together and let our voices be heard in a constructive manner
to keep a change from being made, such as when the idea of altering
(or removing) the death penalty came up. To me, that was one of the
most amazing moments in our history together.

target="_blank"> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 150px; height: 201px;"
alt="Vanguard map"

style="font-weight: bold;">Vanguard cloth map

It's been a long road, and I've put my heart and soul into this site.
I've done my best to get all the information put together that I could,
including revamping our href=""
set of spell lists with one exception.
When the Shaman class gets their revamp (is that still even planned?),
I'll try and get that spell list completed as well.

All the hard work wouldn't have been possible without the support of
the best online community out there, you. I can't count the amount of
times I've made a call for an item link, quest location, armor
pictures, or any number of other odd content requests. Without fail,
the community has always been there with an answer, screenshot, or at
the very least, a point in the right direction. For that, I want to
thank all of you.

I'm still the de facto site lead for the Vanguard site, but with my new
responsibilities on the main page, I'll primarily be working on the
content there. If you want to submit an article,
monster project, armor project, or quest guide for the site though,
please don't hesitate to send
me an email
and I'll do my best to get it
posted or at least discuss it with you.

Since this is a move up for me, we can't end this final
Chronicle on a low note now can we (especially since you'll still be
able to read
my ramblings on the main page)? A couple weeks ago, href=""
told everyone I'd
be giving away a Vanguard cloth map, signed by the development team and
just because I'm moving to a different part of the
network doesn't change the fact that a community member
doesn't deserve the
map. I had planned on stringing a number of clues throughout the
content I posted on the site over the next few weeks. Instead, I'm
going to give all the loyal readers with an active Vanguard account (on
Xeth - Sorry!) the chance to get it.

At some time between noon and 3pm Mountain Time on Sunday, November 9th
2008, I'll be hanging out somewhere near my favorite dungeon on Xeth.
The first person to find me (Dalmarus), style="font-weight: bold;"> /say "Did I ween?",
then answer
a question related to some past content here on the site, will be the
winner. I'll be willing to answer questions in the game, but will not
be giving any hints. The hints as to which dungeon is my favorite can
be found throughout
content I've posted over the last year, not just within
the Chronicles.

Good luck!

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