Guild Wars 2: Queen’s Speech Update Announced

ArenaNet continues to churn out content for Guild Wars 2 at a rapid pace with the Queen’s Speech on August 20th.

We’re approaching the bi-weekly release of yet another of Guild Wars 2 (GW2) update. On Tuesday, August 20th the Queen’s Speech update will go live to expand on the story of the recent Queen’s Jubilee patch, which will include a “major surprise” during the queen’s speech on the same date. You can also expect to see the GW2 Anniversary Bash starting on August 31st with gifts for characters that are at least one year old, WvW XP adjustments, the end of PvE culling, and the addition of WvW Trebuchet Mastery.

The update arrives on Tuesday, so check out the Queen's Speech page for all the details.

Source: GW2 Queen’s Speech

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