Guild Wars 2's current Living World story arc came to a head last week with the fall of Scarlet Briar. Her long conflict waged against Tyria saw multiple invasions and the eventual fall of Lion's Arch until players fought to take it back with last week's update – The Battle for Lion's Arch. That conflict ended with the fall of Scarlet Briar, but she had already done untold amounts of damage to Tyria. Later today, ArenaNet will launch its latest update to GW2’s Living Story with Battle for Lion's Arch: Aftermath, which will explore effects of Scarlet's long campaign.

The battle is over. Scarlet Briar is dead. Tyria's noblest warriors have done what they can to save the beloved city of Lion's Arch.

But have they truly saved it?

Word of Scarlet's demise has spread like wildfire throughout the wards of the city and all across Tyria. The heroes of Lion's Arch, the Lionguard, and Order forces have driven out the remainder of Scarlet's armies, their morale and ranks shattered. All the while, the Breachmaker—Scarlet's enormous airship looming over Sanctum Harbor—continues to drill uncontrollably without its pilot at the helm.

One thing is certain - Tyria is scarred.  With today's release, “Aftermath,” players will discover the depth of those wounds and the legacy left behind by Scarlet's campaign of terror.

ArenaNet has yet to post the update page or reveal details about the content included in the update, so stay tuned. In the meantime, ArenaNet has posted the Battle for Lion's Arch finale cinematic video. Enjoy.

Source: ArenaNet Press Release

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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