Today, ArenaNet gave us a look behind the scenes for the music of Season 2 of Living World, which takes us on a journey to Germany with ArenaNet composer, Maclaine Diemer. Not only do we get a lovely backdrop to go with new content, but we get to watch it all come together, as it gets performed by a live orchestra. This is Diemer's first time writing for an orchestra, which he said made him nervous, but we see him discuss this collaborative creation with incredible excitement.

It's always fun to see how things come together, like art concepts evolving into art assets in game or, like this, watching the music go from a thought to a full production. When Season 2 goes live tomorrow, remembering the story behind the music will be at the edge of my memory as I'm wandering around Tyria, trying not to get lost or fall to my untimely death. If those two items were acheivements, I'd top every game's leaderboards.

As Guild Wars 2 Week kicks off here at Ten Ton Hammer, we're pretty stoked for Living World Season 2. Don't forget that while we are extensively covering Season 2 here at Ten Ton Hammer, that we do have a dedicated Guild Wars 2 site in our network. For another view on today's Living Soundtrack, see their coverage of the same video.

Get into the Guild Wars 2 mood with us! We've already put out some nice, juicy Guild Wars 2-focused content, including a giveaway for this badass Scarlet is Dead t-shirt! In fact, we have a packed schedule already put together for you. Be sure to check out our declaration of Guild Wars 2 Week to make sure you don't miss a thing this week.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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