Guild Wars 2 Update Lays Siege to Lion’s Arch

Scarlet Briar’s forces lay siege to Lion’s Arch today to try and burn the central player hub of GW2 to the ground.

The current Guild Wars 2 Living World storyline is headed for its climactic conclusion, and today the city of Lion’s Arch will come under siege. The latest update in ArenaNet’s bi-weekly content cadence, Escape from Lion’s Arch, is scheduled to release today and the world of Tyria will be changing.

The central hub of Lion’s Arch will be attacked and players will need to coordinate their efforts to save as many people as possible before the city is consumed by a deadly miasma. The attack will come with a heavy cost, some of that will be the lives of certain characters as Ten Ton Hammer’s Lee Burger learned in a recent interview with the ArenaNet team about the update.

Who will live? Who will die? We’ll find out when the update deploys later today.

Source: ArenaNet Press Release

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