Guild Wars 2 Tequatl Rising Update Launches Today

ArenaNet unleashes the fury of Tequatl along with a few new features in Guild Wars 2’s latest update.

Keeping to their two-week content release cadence, ArenaNet will today launch the latest in a growing line of Guild Wars 2 (GW2) updates with Tequatl Rising. The update will add a newly revamped version of the dragon Tequatl the Sunless as well as updates to several of the game’s bosses. Additionally, PvP fans will be happy to know that the new WvW Flame Ram Mastery skill will be available along with five new Ruins of Power will be added that players can fight for to earn new Bloodlust boosts for everyone on their server.

Lastly, if all goes as planned, players may also see the first incarnation of GW2’s LFG tool to make finding groups for specific content much easier. Check out the Tequatl Rising update page for more details.

Source: GW2 Tequatl Rising Update

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