Neverwinter Reactivates Auction House

Cryptic reactivates Neverwinter’s auction house following downtime related to a recent exploit that resulted in a 7-hour rollback of servers.

Neverwinter’s auction house has returned to action after an exploit that prompted Cryptic to bring the service down last week. The exploit in question allowed some players to do a rather hefty amount of damage to the in-game economy and resulted in a 7-hour server rollback for everyone. In addition to the return of the auction house, Cryptic also made a few adjustments to skill nodes and treasure chest across several zones and tweaked rewards for a pair of quests in Icespire Peaks.

The patch notes have been included below for your convenience.

Source: Neverwinter Patch Notes

Auction House

  • The Auction House has been re-enabled.
  • Auction House mail now handles all transferring item states correctly.

Interactable Objects

  • Skill Nodes and Treasure Chests have been modified in the following areas:
  • The Chasm
  • Icespire Peak
  • Pirates’ Skyhold
  • Vellosk
  • Whispering Caverns

Icespire Peak

  • The quest “Retake What's Mine” has had its rewards reduced slightly.
  • The quest “Prisoners of War” has had its rewards reduced slightly.

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