Could you call Asheron's Call 2 good? Perhaps you could. The people who played it for that short time, liked it. The game which launched with a bang and started puttering out within a month spent it's life consumed with issues. At first Turbine tried to completely revamp the world, spending a year in development, hoping to resolve the issues revolving around the challenge of the game itself. Then they bought the game back from Microsoft along with Asheron's Call, hoping to breathe new life into it's empty land. However, this little engine that could just stopped chugging along.

On December 30, Turbine will shut down the servers and this game will turn into another of the many desolate failures that will fade into nothing more than memory. Like EA's title Earth and Beyond, Asheron's Call 2 just couldn't sustain the subscriptions needed to keep the game and the development going. The "Call" will no longer be heard for this one.

Even if you weren't an AC2 fan (like myself) take a moment to mourn for a game that tried to leap out of the EQ clone wars and take us on a different path.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016