AdventureQuest Worlds Celebrates Second Birthday on 10/10/10 with Musical Guests Paul & Storm and Jonathan Coulton

LAND O’LAKES, FLORIDA – October 6, 2010 – Artix Entertainment, the small, independent game development studio that runs browser-based and download-free RPGS, is eagerly preparing for the MMO AdventureQuest Worlds’ second birthday celebration. Nearly 19 Million players have been invited to this special event hosted by musical guests Paul & Storm, and featuring a cameo appearance by the internet-famous geek-icon Jonathan Coulton. 

The free in-game event is available for everyone of every level at starting on October 8th, 2010 at sundown. Participants will be the first to experience several new game areas and a brand new storyline called “Lords of the Mirror Realm.” Of course there will be cake, presents, new monsters, tons of cutscenes with voice acting, rare items, and a VERY memorable boss fight for both old and new players.

Paul & Storm are a hit musical comedy duo from Washington, DC, and are the power behind W00tstock (a series of music and comedy shows also featuring Wil Wheaton and Adam Savage). Paul & Storm often tour US, Canada and UK with musician/song-writer Jonathan Coulton, who is best known for his “Thing a Week”, the theme song of “Code Monkeys” and the ending song of Portal, “Still Alive.”

Paul & Storm and Coulton have been recreated as 2D in-game characters and will guide the players as they journey to the Mirror Realm. No one knows much about this mysterious dimension... but thankfully Paul & Storm are experts on the subject. Undead Paladins, a Level Cap increase, more obtainable inventory space, and 2nd Upholder Achievements are the only things AQWorlds is certain of. Anything else can — and most likely will — happen.

"If the servers are not crashing during the event, then we just need to try harder!" joked Adam Bohn, CEO and founder of Artix Entertainment.

During the last live event, AQWorlds crashed the entire gaming network when a record-breaking number of players simultaneously grabbed multi-megabyte files. In preparation for an even higher turnout this time around, the team is setting the birthday event up on one of those fancy-pants CDN (content delivery networks) which will allow players to access the new content quickly and reliably.

For more information about AdventureQuest Worlds’ 10/10/10 Birthday Event — and to hear famous voice actor George Lowe shamelessly promote it —visit

WHERE: In-game at

WHEN: Friday, October 8th, 2010 @ about 7PM -ish(EST)

WHO: Paul & Storm, JoCo, the AE Team, you, and about 18.8 Million of our closest friends.

WHY: To celebrate AQWorlds’ 2nd Birthday, score some rare items, and play one of the weirdest events ever created just to brag that you were there! And not to mention, most things only celebrate their 2nd Birthdays once.

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