Age of Wushu is heading into the final stretch of its beta testing and is now on the road to its new official launch date on April 10th, 2013. There appears to have been some confusion among players about the free-to-play option due to the pay model that Snail Games has provided for Age of Wushu. In order to clarify that, Snail Games has posted a brief reminder that Age of Wushu is free-to-play along with some information about the model, and that all players need to do to join in at launch is to register for an account and download the client.

Age of Wushu is promoting the Wuxia culture through the entertainment and excitement of this vast MMO. Selling skills and clothes that players can associate with the culture the game is set in. These clothes that are sold in the Mall immerse the player visual, and do not enhance any stats or abilities. Likewise, ALL skills that may be sold in the mall at future dates will be low-level skills. Players still need to cultivate them as they would any other skill, but the benefit of these skills in PvP are not as great as cultivating a school skill or one learned through quests.

Along with the free-to-play announcement, Age of Wushu also revealed several “Final Stretch” events that include a VIP Appreciation event, a chance to log in and win rewards, Life Skill and Double XP bonuses, and more. Check out the Age of Wushu Final Stretch events page for a description of each event and when they’ll be available in-game.

Source: Age of Wushu Free-to-Play

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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