Say what you will about gPotato, they certainly do love their contest giveaways. With their current contest for Allods offering players $50,000 worth of prizes, the team decided more needed to be given away and has launched a "Play for Rewards" event for the free-to-play Aika. From August 5th through September 8th, 2010 players can earn in-game prizes by playing Aika.

Every day you participate, you’ll receive Tears of Aika MP/HP potions – up to 500 total! On Milestone Days, you’ll receive even better prizes, including 15-day 200% EXP, powerful accessories, and 30-day Potions of Defense and Destruction!

A full list of the prizes has been posted to the Aika website with 35-day grand prizes that include: 5,000 gPotatoes, Premium Mounts, 30-day All premium Storage and much more. Check out all the details here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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