As you might recall, gPotato imposed an IP restriction on Aika, restricting the game's playerbase to North America. This was less than a popular move with many players as some people from outside North America had created accounts and had already made use of the game's Cash Shop. In an effort to ease some of the tension, gPotato went to work on a solution to the problem as many guilds and players in the game had been negatively impacted by the restriction. Cash Shop refunds were offered on a case-by-case basis to players that would be unable to continue playing. But there has been some positive news out of this situation. In a final update regarding the restrictions, gPotato announced that player accounts created outside of North America before the April 7th restriction will be able to log in and continue playing. However, the restriction will remain in effect and prevent the creation of new accounts from restricted areas.

Dear Aika players,

This is the final update on the Aika service restriction issue announced on April 7, 2010. We informed the community that gPotato’s version of Aika Online would be restricted to the North American region. On April 7 (PDT), we limited new player registrations from outside of North America, but did not block existing non-North American player accounts.

We’re pleased to announce that non-North American player accounts which existed on or before April 7 (the day the registration IP block took effect) will be able to play gPotato’s version of Aika. The registration restriction will remain in effect for new accounts outside of North America. We realize that the past few weeks have been a time of uncertainty for the community, and we appreciate your patience while we resolved this matter. We thank you for your understanding and invite you to join us on the forums and in the land of Lakia for all of the wonderful plans we have in store!

-The Aika Team -

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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