Aika prides itself on being a game meant for PvP, so it's only natural that alliances will be formed between in-game nations as they fight to be at the top of the food chain. But what happens when a nation gets to the top? Some might expect that they could form alliances to stay there, but many players were surprised recently when the 'Lead Nation System' unexpectedly kicked in and busted up one of the game's top alliances. The mechanic itself determines who the "lead nation" in the game is and prevents that nation from forming alliances until it is no longer at the top.

The lead nation is automatically calculated by the game engine itself every Saturday. If there is a lead nation, that nation will be unable to form an alliance until such time as it is no longer the lead nation, and any alliance it is in when it is determined to be the lead nation is broken.

Not everyone is happy with the system. Some players believe tht you get punished for being number one and not rewarded. But the goal of the system is to provide a more balanced nation vs nation warfare experience. Will it succeed? Tell us what you think on our forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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