We had a patch today in Aion that is meant to add better filtering for chat spam. I thought I'd hop in game to see how spam free my chat channels were or weren't.

I had previously closed out all channels except general regional so I wasn't seeing a whole lot of the spam to begin with. Unblocking the other channels I can see that LFG definitely has some troubles. One spammer dominated the channel sending out an icon filled message for every three legit messages that came through that channel. This went on the entire time I was parked in Sanctum while I was messing around on the broker and then typing this out.

Is the chat filter working? Doesn't look like it is yet. That should have even been one that was smited by a GM in a timely manner with the amount of channel complaints I was reading. Automated filters do take time to train though, so maybe it will show some improvement over the weekend. For those playing this weekend, let us know your experience!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016