For those who caught the recent "Eye on Community" you may have noticed that silly Tamat accidentally underlined some letters. Well, not quite accidentally. If you write out the letters in order you get a message that tells you to find the secret link.

The link ends up being located at the end of the page and leads to an image of an "official" NCsoft communication to their CM team allowing for certain info to be shared. What is that info? This is what I found!

Upcoming content to include:

- Daily quests for level 50 and below

- New abilities

- Stun attack defense system

- Two-handed weapon transformation

- Dark Poeta drop rate increase

Also, it seem that they eat Tutty 'n' Beans during their top secret meetings which means anyone in Washington state may want to invest in gas masks.

Tamat's life may be in danger for letting the content cat out of the bag, but alas he has no fear when it comes to keeping the community in the loop! Hopefully he'll stay under the radar so we can look forward to future leaks and more super secret infoz.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016