With too many bullet points to list, Albion Online posts what needs to be done (a checklist of sorts) before the game can be moved into Closed Beta. The game is up and running until today on alpha, but they've taken tons of feedback to hash out exactly when the beta is going to hit. There is tons of details out there for what they want to get done, but I think the list is very honest and I appreciate that always from a development team. Here's a sampling:

 8. Hellgate Expansion

We feel that our hellgate concept has been a great addition to the game and want to expand on the idea. Here is how:

  • Offer hell gates for different group sizes - anything from 1vs1 to 50vs50 is thinkable
  • Offer hell gates with more than two parties, such as 5vs5vs5vs.
  • Create "hell gates" will different themes - it doesn't always have to be demons, and it doesn't always have to be a lava themed hell

Albion Online is currently in a closed alpha. Closed beta access will come in various stages allowing various members in. The reason this is important is because the summer alpha is running now, for founders who have packs that qualify for access, but after the summer alpha, everyone is supposed to wait for the beta to begin. Legendary founders, at $99, get priority access, and then it moves through the other tiers. The alpha turns off today, so everyone is going to have to wait for the beta unless another alpha event is going to run.

You can check out the founder packs here and details on the roadmap here.

Oh and there is an event running for the close of alpha.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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