Now that the drama has settled down a bit for Alganon the game is getting some long awaited features. In the recent Alganon Newsletter, Quest Online outlined plans to implement PvP in three stages. The first phase release will introduce dueling and open world PvP to the game. Phase two will bring in RvR-style elements with Tower and Keeps, which will function similar to those found in Warhammer Online. Players will need to seize control of certain objectives that will in turn make others attackable, eventually spawning the king who can then be killed for some loot.

In each of the major continents of Alganon (3 Asharr and 3 Kujix) there will be a fortified Keep which initially will belong to the faction on whose continent the keep is located. Additionally each of these zones will contain three Towers, located in strategic areas around the zone. The three towers in each zone will also initially belong to the faction on whose continent each resides. The opposing faction will try to seize and control your Keeps.

The third and final phase will introduce Battlegrounds, which will be tied to the Towers and Keeps PvP system.Not a lot of detail as offered in how this system will work, but it will be a control point and resource collection map that procides a benefit to the winning team of each match.

The deployment dates for each PvP phase have yet to be announced, so we'll post those for you when we learn more.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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