There is not one among us that has not at one time imagined what we would do if we had the powers of a GM at our command. Maybe there is a certain annoying player that you would drop off a mountain into a never-ending abyss or perhaps you would hold your own in-game event just to entertain the masses. But what happens when a player really does gain GM powers? Anarchy Online players found out last Tuesday when a player gained access to a GM account and took advantage of his/her newly accessed powers to rain chaos down upon the players for over two hours.

The player in question tried to put on a fun event by making certain mobs make a special appearance during their two-hour stay. But the event ended up causing the dev team and several players a huge headache and made a rather large mess that led to a temporary suspension of more than 140 accounts to allow the dev team to make repairs to stuck characters and remove certain loot that was not meant to be available to players.

Game Director Colin "Means" Cragg called the event an "unplanned and unwanted volunteer event." This isn't the first time a GM account has been compromised according to Cragg, and while he found the event amusing to some degree, he made it clear that it is an illegal activity and that he would not hesitate to punish future infractions.

Please also keep in mind that a great many of these activities are illegal (regardless of whatever "experts" tell you on the "internet")...and while it isn't easy to motivate anyone in law enforcement to actually do something about it...eventually we'll speak with someone responsible and you are going to feel very stupid explaining to real criminal that you gave up your freedom and greatly impacted your future to "Hack a video game". Given the opportunity I will throw the entire book at any of you I get a reasonable chance at.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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