APB: Reloaded’s Halloween update hit servers earlier today to bring two weeks of haunted fun. The update brings a new mission-based version of the Asylum complete with Trick-or-Treat daily activities and contact missions. The Asylum also includes pumpkin smashing roles, and Fight Club becomes Fright Club with new challenges, and much more.

In addition to new Halloween content, the update includes new music from metal band Certain Death and a number of festive items. You can sign up to play for free on the APB: Reloaded website. Check out the Fright Club patch notes to learn more about today's update.

The First Rule Of Fright Club Is...

Edinburgh, UK. October 24
th 2013. Fear hit the streets of San Paro today, with news of the Halloween update to APB Reloaded, including brand new music from metal band Certain Death.

For two whole weeks APB Reloaded's 3 million registered players will have a horrifying Halloween, with a range of creepy new content and chilling challenges. The game's hugely popular Fight Club mode becomes Fright Club, set within an abandoned asylum, packed with petrifying players and ghoulish gang members.

Fresh from their appearance at this year's Masters Of Rock festival, Scottish metal group Certain Death are bringing their own brand of rap, thrash 'n' roll to the game's soundtrack with the tracks:

  • Beat From The Street - a no-nonsense in your face tale about Certain Death's appreciation of Life, Music and Partying (from the album Taste the Paste)
  • Sex Drive - a fan and video favourite, this sexually overcharged monster will have you screaming out the chorus whether you like it or not! (from the album Taste The Paste)
  • Burnin' Up - will have you sweating a beaver fever with its ZZ Top Style Rock and Roll vibe, to its ever so hot lyrics (from the Burnin Up EP)

A whole new Punk pack, featuring new clothing items that are not faction restricted, as well as a scoped version of the new primary weapon, the STAC 10 (Somatic Tactical Assault Carbine), will be released in the ARMAS store soon, while new in-game assets will include:

  • Devil (or bat) wings – for evil players or psychologically damaged vigilantes
  • Witch and wizard hats - for the ambitious and magically gifted
  • Pumpkin and bat glow-in-the-dark weapons themes

Steedo, guitarist for Certain Death, said, “We're excited to be working with Reloaded Productions and bringing our music to a game like APB Reloaded. It's intense and pretty full on, so we wanted to choose tracks that would fit the game as well as the new Halloween update. We hope APB Reloaded players enjoy the choices and the music.”

Michael Boniface, the European Managing Director of Reloaded Productions, said, “Halloween is a great time of year for APB Reloaded. We've created a lot of new content for players over the last few years and it always get's an amazing reaction from players. This year we're taking things even further, with the creation of Fright Club, the new in game content and challenges. Working with Certain Death makes it all the better, creating the perfect soundtrack to the game's latest update.”

The APB Reloaded Halloween pack is released on October 24th 2013. The Halloween celebrations run for two weeks from October 24th until November 6th.

You can download and play APB Reloaded, free of charge online: http://www.gamersfirst.com/age-gate/ or follow the game on Twitter: https://twitter.com/apb_reloaded

You can find and follow Certain Death on the band's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CertainDeathOfficial

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