GamersFirst subsidiary Reloaded Productions rescued APB: Reloaded from oblivion when its original developer Realtime Worlds went belly-up, and now the developer has headed to Kickstarter to fund a new APB project with APB: Vendetta. The project looks to raise $300,000 through the crowdfunding site to create the new shooter that will be a separate standalone title from APB: Reloaded.

If funded, APB: Vendetta will be buy-to-play on the PC and feature both online and offline play with both gun and melee combat, customizable private servers, modding tools, character-specific finishing moves, and what appears to be a Bullet Time mechanic. APB: Vendetta will be built using a modified version of the Unreal3 engine. Premium players of APB: Reloaded will also be able to connect the two accounts to share their premium access.

While the initial goal is $300k, Reloaded Productions has set two stretch goals with the first at $750k for a character export tool, which will allow players to export their APB: Reloaded characters to Vendetta, and the second at $1 million, which will add an advanced modding tool UI system. Beyond those goals the price has not been set for stretch goal #3, but it could bring Vendetta to next gen consoles like the PlayStation 4.

You can learn more about the new project on the APB: Vendetta Kickstarter FAQ.

Source: Kickstarter

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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