A quick search in google about Rainbow Six Siege shield operators brings loads of forum posts and articles from as far back as the closed beta on how shield operators are overpowered, but are they really that bad? There can be no doubt shields are an effective tool in Siege. They can soak up an infinite amount of bullets without breaking and effectively cover almost all of your body when crouched. That being said, they don't make you invincible.

Being prepared for a shield operator (of which there's usually at least one) is all you need to do to counter it. In fact, it may be a good idea to have one defender designated as an anti-shield unit. What are some easy ways to deal with shields you may ask?

Don't panic. The first thing people usually do when an admittedly scary looking shield comes their way is panic and run for the hills. If you don't have any explosives on you you should retreat, but have a path of egress planned out so you're ready and know where to go. When you've put some distance between yourself and the shield, try to get higher than them, or flank them for an easy kill. If you're a good shot, you can also hit the feet and gun arm even while on a level plane with the shield.

Traps and explosives are great for taking down shielded players and almost every operator has the option of equipping themselves with one, be it a grenade or C4. Kapkan's traps are great because it's hard for shield operators to see them when they have their shield up. 

Gas them out. Smoke's toxic gas is perfect for taking out slow moving shield operators, or making them change direction. Hit them with the gas and when they turn to run away or panic, shoot their exposed areas.

Team work counters all shields. Even ignoring all of the tools and weapons that can be used against shields you still have strategy and teamwork going for you. All it takes is for one of your team to get behind the shield to easily kill it, so have one of your team lure them in while the other takes up a flanking position. The shield can be beaten and is not the immortal being he has been made out to be.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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