Today, not only did BioWare announce that from today on, they'll be hosting a weekly stream to live stream galactic strongholds, but we also got a nice new blog post covering them as well. Every hero needs a place to call home when you're not busy running around the universe fighting the good fight and hunting down treasure. Why not have a lovely place to hang your boots after a hard day's work?

Starting at level 15, you'll be able to have access to SWTOR's version of classified ads; galactic holographic boards with housing listings. We've heard about the luxury pads of Nar Shaddaa, but what else is there? Planets near and far will have offerings of all sizes to accommodate your needs, whatever they may be, whether it's an icy fortress on Hoth or a humble dwelling on Coruscant.

Your introductory mission leading to a Stronhold Directory begins your quest of moving from the meager world participant to the galactic hero you deserve to be, whether you're fighting for good, letting the dark side flow through you, or just trying to carefully conceal some extra cargo for an off-the-books paycheck. Strongholds are available for purchase by either Cartel Coins or credits.

Purchasing a Stronghold means you have access to at least the first room – the next several (8 to 12 in total, depending on what you purchase) will become available as you unlock them, such as larger and smaller living spaces, a garage and a balcony. Completing your starter mission also nets you some starter decorations, so you're not left with an empty pad, which is pretty rad unless you're a bare-bones minimalist.

Decorations will be available from a large variety of resources, such as PvP and Reputation vendors, through Crew Skills and from player crafted goods. Flashpoints and Operations will also be a source, as they will have the chance to drop decorations as loot. The Cartel Market will also have decorations available and other items, such as mounts and minipets, can be unlocked. These unlocks are for your account Legacy by default.

Decoration placement is not free form like in some games, but rather, there are decoration hooks that allow certain items to be placed in certain positions. Some floor plans allow for more or less decorations, as well. Maximizing your plan's decorations will net you a pretty sweet Legacy prestige multiplier – an increase in your Legacy Prestige by 100 for each unique decoration placed. The greatest decoration available is likely the Legacy Storage, available from crafters or the Cartel Market.

What kind of Stronghold will you choose? Are you looking forward to Strongholds in SWTOR?

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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