The class reveals for Black Gold Online continue to gather pace as SnailUSA shows off the Gunslinger.

As you might expect the Gunslinger concentrates on ranged attacks, utilising a rifle and medium armor. Combing area of effect attacks with powerful single target strikes, the Gunslinger is capable of killing enemies from afar. 

Some of the Gunslingers special moves include: 

  • Ultra-loaded Barrel: mark a target for destruction and open fire, unleashing a stream of deadly deadly projectiles causing heavy damage on a single target
  • Free-gun Spirit: get riled up and ready for a gun fight, temporarily increasing speed, attack, max health, and causing extra effect damage on enemies during the duration of the ability
  • High Explosive Bomb: launch a powerful explosive at a targeted area on the ground, causing critical damage and slowing down enemies for a brief period.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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