This wand wielding caster is all about the elements of air, water and wind. What comes with that? Well, healing, regeneration and magical enhancements of course as well as some crowd control for good measure.

The Skycaller breathes in the heavens and channels the forces into a deep and restorative power. Wielding the elemental forces of air and water, the Skycaller offers protective spells, regeneration, and other valuable magical enhancements to their allies. At the Skycaller’s hands are the forces of the wind and storm, posing a fluid and intangible threat to their enemies. As a class, they are capable of high-level single-target crowd control abilities plus excellent support capabilities, casting long range area attacks with light damage but crippling effects.

Available to play as Kosh or Yutonian, the Skycaller acts much more as a team support caster than pure damage dealer (though that looks a possibility). Overall though, it seems they're trying to make this magic user a bit more of a hybrid:

The Skycaller has balanced attack and defense, but with light armor they can’t last long in close quarters combat. Their strength lies in long-ranged area casting, damage dealing, team support, along with single-target crowd control buffs.

The class is looking pretty good in the screenshots so head on over to the official blog post

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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