Blade & Soul will enter early access this fall and you can now buy in for guaranteed access into the closed beta. There are three tiers, the first tier costs $24.99 and includes access to the closed beta, 3 Day Head Start, 2 Character Titles, and 20,800 Premium Points. Additional tiers include more premium points and titles, character customization tickets, premium subscription, name reservations, NCoin, and a booster pack. The final pack, retailing at $124.99, also includes costumes and weapon skins.

The value of each pack is interesting. The $24.99 pack is mostly just the access. At $74.99 you receive 2,400 NCoin which is valued at $30 and at $124.99 you receive 7,200 NCoin which is valued at $90, so you get a lot of just raw value in the NCoin before you even get to the specific goodies. Considering the possible cost of the premium points and premium subscription, it's possibly an even better deal.

I have purchased a Founder’s Pack for Blade & Soul. What will happen next?

Your account will automatically be granted Closed Beta access and Head Start access when they begin. Depending on the pack you have purchased, your account may also be granted Character Name Reservation access when it is available, prior to Head Start.

All packs get closed beta access and you can get a refund at any time before the actual closed beta begins, so you don't have to worry too much if you change your mind. This is the only way to make sure you can get into the game, otherwise you'll have to wait on giveaways or random selections (which usually come close to launch in these things). The packs are only region locked to both North America and Europe, and work interchangeably between the two.

The last two tiers include account levels (3 and 4). These grant perks in the game, based on what level your account is. You get unlocks for stuff not even listed, which is a great way to get a head start on the game.

No retail edition has been announced yet. While the most expensive pack includes no physical objects and is $125, you do receive $90 in NCoin and the 60 day subscription, which pretty much would almost come very close the cost of the pack. However, you can't play the game yet in NA or Europe, but at the same time it has been running in Korea and Russia for a bit now. So there is a ton of information about the game to get a good idea of what it is, so obviously the most expensive pack is for those who are going to spend NCoin on the game and are super excited for it.

You can see all the details on the founder's pack page, and purchase one today if you want.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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