Blizzard fuels the fire that Diablo III is headed for the console by seeking a PS3 specialist for the game.

According to a report from, Blizzard is seeking a Playstation 3 (PS3) specialist for Diablo III. The position is responsible for overseeing Playstation 3 architecture design and other PS3 code development for the platform.

Speculation that Blizzard might take the title to the console has been ongoing since last year following another console job posting, which at the time Blizzard stated was to see what kind of talent was out there. While there has been no official announcement, this posting would seem to indicate a more solid possibility that we’ll be seeing Diablo III on at least the PS3. But that is still a far cry short of a confirmation and could be little more than exploring the possibility. Perhaps Sony has a little surprise announcement for us at E3 2011. Stay tuned and we'll update you when we have more.

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Blizzard Job Posting

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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