With The Bible Online entering beta yesterday and introducing the Bible to the MMORPG realm, it only seems fitting that CABAL Online would come along to send players to hell. It all balances out right? CABAL Online's latest free expansion, Episode IV: Porta Inferno, quite literally sends players through the gates of hell and pits them against some of the most powerful creatures in the game.

CABAL Episode IV will lead players through the portal to the gates of hell, transporting them to the edges of the world to a place inhabited by the deadliest and most vicious scourge. It will put them face to face with the strongest foes ever to grace the lands of Nevareth, with outdoor bosses and a series of challenges to overcome.

But suffering an eternity in fiery torment isn't all this expansion offers. The level cap will get an increase to 180, lots of new quests have been added, and the game will be getting social network integration features with Twitter. Check out the full press release for additional features and details.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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