EVE Online may arguably be one of the toughest online games on new players. The new player experience has already received work in the past, but CCP is looking to improve on that and make learning the basics of EVE Online a little easier for newer players.

In a recent dev blog, CCP Legion revealed the formation of a new team tasked with improving the new player experience for EVE Online even further without dumbing down the game for other players.

This Player Experience team will focus on making EVE more accessible to players without dumbing down the game. So the main area for us is naturally the tutorial and everything around it, but we will also be focusing on what happens before a player logs in and after the player completes the tutorials and wishes to explore the universe during their first few months in New Eden.

The devs are seeking feedback from players on how best to improve the areas in and around the tutorial in this thread, but the work is likely to extend beyond that given that the goal is to improve the over all player experience. Check out the new blog and offer your input on how to improve EVE’s new player experience.

Source: EVE Dev Blog - The Ease of EVE

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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