CCP Soundwave is the face on "Team BFF", the CCP scrum team dedicated to making a multitude of relatively small game changes. That is, they make changes that require very little in the way of programmer resources. Many of these changes are quality of life improvements or tweaks to dusty corners of EVE's game mechanics, but the most recent blog from CCP Soundwave is different. It notes some big changes to jump bridges, the private travel networks maintained by null-sec alliances.

The key points about these upcoming changes:

  • Except for black ops battleships, ships with jump drives (i.e. most capitals) will be unable to use jump bridges.
  • There will only be one jump bridge per solar system, instead of two.
  • The size of the jump bridge fuel bay will be increased to 30,000, a threefold increase.

"Jump bridges have become a bit too much of a crutch in terms of getting around, so we’re going to apply a three changes. Basically, it’s become a very easy, convenient and safe way to travel, with little or no downside. That’s not to say you’re invincible when using jumpbridges, but if you’re in an alliance with an intel channel and a semi-decent jumpbridge network, you have a pretty overwhelming degree of safety." -CCP Soundwave

Read the rest of CCP Soundwave's blog here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016