Halo's Blood Gulch is an iconic location not just in Halo, but in the gaming world in general. Countless battles have taken place between the red and blue Spartans, and now with the help of Counter Strike player Itszu, between terrorist and counter-terrorist forces. 

The map is pretty much a spot on recreation of the original, with most of the work being done by hand.

All level geometry is hand-done, including brushwork and displacements. Textures have been modified as needed to support Source's unique texture parameters. All scenery (rocks, trees) ported with Wall Worm Model Tools from Gearbox's level assets for Halo: Custom Edition, with hand-done custom collisions to conform to Source's convex requirements. Some textures are heavily modified from the original, and others are entirely new due to differences in texture tech between halo's Blam engine and Source 2013. 

If you're a CS:GO player and looking for a little Halo fix, you can download the map for yourself Here.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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