It took some time to finish up the work but today Aventurine has announced that Darkfall: Unholy Wars has finally officially launched. The launch date for Darkfall: Unholy Wars was pushed back twice to allow the devs a bit more time to polish up the content, but the war is now officially underway.

In the bloodthirsty world of Agon you will form clans and battle for dominance. You will recruit your friends and allies; engage in epic land and naval battles to conquer fortresses and clan cities, interacting with thousands of concurrent players while you carve an everlasting legend!

The sandbox PvP MMORPG is now available via digital distribution on the Darkfall website for $39.99. Darkfall: Unholy Wars is a subscription-based game, so a monthly fee of $14.95 is required to play.

Source: Darkfall Launch Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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