Even superheroes celebrate the holidays. DC Universe Online (DCUO) recently patched in a new update to kick off its Winter Holiday event. Larfleeze makes his return to try and steal all the holiday gifts, but players can put an end to that plan by taking him down in a new holiday instance. Additionally, players can also take part in seasonal collections, new seasonal feats and obtain new seasonal items and appearances.

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Winter Holiday Event 2012

Season’s Greedings!  

Larfleeze is back and wants the holidays all to himself.   He stole everyone’s holiday gifts and is attempting to send them off-world for his own selfish use. Find and recover the stolen gifts in Metropolis and Gotham City before it’s too late! Look for “Yuletide Fear” (Villains) or “Winter Plunderland” (Heroes) in your Mission Journal. 

  • Seasonal Collections –See who made the Naughty and Nice list.
  • New Seasonal Items and Appearances –Collect Holly Leaves by completing the “Season’s Greedings” and “Ring in the Holidays” Daily Missions.  Redeem Holly Leaves at Skeets’ Workshop found in your HQ and inside the Secret Research Facility.
  • New Seasonal Feats – Winter is Coming so be sure to stock up on feats! 

New Winter Holiday Instance!

Larfleeze’s greed extends beyond holiday gifts this year. He is taking advantage of a heated battle between the Green Lanterns and the Sinestro Corps by stealing Power Rings from fallen Lanterns and hoarding them in a Secret Research Facility. Look for “Ring in the Holidays” in your Mission Journal. Players must complete “Yuletide Fear” or “Winter Plunderland” and “Season’s Greedings” in order to receive the “Ring in the Holidays” Daily Mission.



  • Stasis Field's damage over time will no longer stack while in control role.

PvP Legends

Lex Luthor

  • Quantum Barrage' s animation duration has been significantly reduced.

Friends Lists

  • You can once again add and remove names from your Friends & Ignore Lists.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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