Defiance has had a bit of a rocky start since its launch earlier this week. An increasingly painful chat system continues to suppress any form of community communication or formation on the PC, the Xbox 360 version has been plagued by constant connection issues, game crashes, lag, some items have been vanishing, and patching issues continue to persist.

In a pair of posts reflecting on the second and third days of Defiance’s launch similar to the first day State of the Game, Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson takes a humbling look at some of the issues and assures players that fixes are in the works. Unfortunately, the first huge client patch won’t be arriving until around April 15th (give or take a few days), but with any luck it will address many of the problems plaguing the game currently. But Richardsson also points out that the content patches this size don’t come without risk.

"Client patches are very risky to deploy so we employ a more rigorous testing process before we distribute them, Richardsson wrote. We can very easily revert a server patch. Depending on testing and certification, we should see that around the 15th, hopefully sooner, possibly later. It currently has 8 pages of patch notes, listing fixes and improvements."

Let's just hope that the patch ends up making things better rather than worse.

Sources: Defiance Update Day 2, Defiance Update Day 3

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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