Destiny is a game that a large amount of my friends are super excited about, and I know most of them are looking forward to either tomorrow's beta for PlayStation 3 and 4, or next week's Xbox 360 and One beta. While the game has a good premise, after writing about it for the past year, I just can't get excited about it. I'm wondering if a lot of my apathy towards Destiny is because it is currently only available for consoles, and 99% of my gaming is done on a PC. That other 1% is usually reserved for World of Goo, Plants vs Zombies and Max Payne on my various mobile devices. Maybe it's the part about how the game isn't even out yet and they're already selling expansion packs.

I never got into Halo or Call of Duty, either, so that is likely why I just don't feel the excitement about Destiny that my friends do, and believe me, they're really excited about this game. I've been hearing about it for months. It looks pretty, but that's about all I can put into it. I really dig the story, which is my favorite part about writing about the game – reading about the setting is really damn cool. Sci-fi dystopias and post-apocalyptic scenarios are totally my jam, and Destiny has both.

First, this mysterious Traveler appears, which does things like make Mars and Venus habitable and pretty much just creates these peaceful environments where everyone prospers after Earth was close to imploding. As humanity was exploring and spreading to these new worlds it could now exist on, the Traveler's one enemy shows up to the scene and wrecks house. While it tries to take out everything, one last city still stands, protected in a shield of what was once the Traveler's power. Those who stand up to defend the city, Guardians, are also bestowed with this power. It's up to them to protect what's left of humanity and fight off this mysterious force.

If Destiny was a TV show, book, movie or graphic novel, I'd be all over this. As a game? I'm not sure I'd play it even if it were available on PC. I'd likely play a trial to see if the lore hooks were enough to keep me playing (or if I personally thought it was any fun), but outside of curiosity for the story, I can't say that there's anything else in Destiny that makes me curious enough to go to someone else's house and watch them play. Good thing I know it's okay to not like things and I'm happy that there are games out there for everyone. I'll be playing ArcheAge beta this weekend, and hopefully find some time to finish my hot tub in Landmark.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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