TERA’s Argon Queen update is slated to release on August 22nd, and En Masse Entertainment is giving players extra incentive to level up before its release. Players that manage to get at least one character to level 60 by August 21st will earn a few exclusive in-game items of convenience that include:

  • Summon Monti: A scroll that brings a traveling merchant to you. (Carry more gold and less junk.)
  • Summon Dimon: A scroll that brings a crystal merchant to you. (Hey, accidents happen. Crystals break.)
  • Summon Phargo: A scroll that brings a banker to you. (Stow that phat loot you just got, or grab something you forgot.)
  • Summon Schwab: A scroll that brings a broker to you. (Manage those “investments” and get instant materials for upgrades.)

Additional details are available in the level 60 rewards FAQ. Check out the Argon Queen preview page for a peek at the update’s content.

Source: Ding 60 and Earn Exclusive Rewards

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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