If you’ve already pre-ordered the action MMORPG TERA or just gotten lucky, you’ll have the chance to take part in the second of five planned closed beta tests for the game starting this Friday. In preparation of the event, publisher En Masse Entertainment has released more details about the event and posted a new set of walkthrough guides to help new and old players alike for this weekend’s event.

This weekend’s event will include a level cap boost to 27, a new PvP server and a second character slot per server for players to test new characters on. TERA PvP fans will be happy to notice the new “Outlaw Declaration” feature, which will allow players to attack any player above level 10 that’s not in their guild or party for 60s. Guilds will also have the option to wage war with other guilds using the Bahaar’s Spark of War declaration.

Characters on the PvP server will learn a skill called "Outlaw Declaration". When used, the player will be able to attack any character above level 10 and not in their guild or party for 60 seconds. Once engaged in combat, the status will persist until combat ends. Guilds will also be able to wage war on each other using the Bahaar's Spark of War declaration. This item can be purchased from shadow merchants in capital cities and allows members of warring guilds to attack one another on sight.

For testers both new and old, En Masse Entertainment has also posted a couple of walkthroughs that will help get players started and also show where to find some of TERA’s dungeons. Check out more about this weekend’s TERA beta event and read the walkthroughs to learn more.


TERA Closed Beta Test 2 Details

TERA Walkthroughs

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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