The Little Things: Chocolate Bliss

You don't have to be a pint-sized Pocket Hobbit(TM) to appreciate that sometimes the little things can make or break your online playtime. Nor do you have to have been witness to the "Bring Back Bear Head Helms" campaigns from EQ to know that what is a trivial matter to some can be a big thing to others.

Over the next couple weeks, join guest author Niami DenMother from EQ2 Traders Corner, and possibly even another surprise guest author or two, for humorous approaches to some of the "little things" in store for crafters with the upcoming release of GU36.

As fast as little halfling legs could move, Mum sprinted out the door to her house and ran from the southern end of Qeynos, dodging expertly through mid-day traffic, even to the point of running under one guard's mount in her impatience. Heedless of the chaos (that included one horse, two guards, seven pedestrians and one mangy housecat) created by her passing, she set new halfling land speed records, arriving at the entry to the Ironforge Exchange before the bells stopped tolling.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016