EVE’s new Odyssey expansion launches next week and CCP have revealed more details about changes in store for the 19th free expansion to the EVE universe. In a pair of new dev blogs this week, CCP outlined changes for probe scanning and the UI. In an effort to make exploration more enjoyable and accessible, CCP is adjusting probe scanning detailed extensively in this dev blog.

Along with probe changes, the EVE UI will once again be getting some tweaks with Odyssey. The new changes will help ensure that players know when an enemy has been killed rather than the usual confusion that can ensue when losing a target nearly destroyed. Other changes will make it easier to see who is in a system you jump in and if they’re people that may want to make you less alive. There are a number of other changes on the books, so check out the full blog for the complete rundown.

Lastly, EVE’s integration into Steam is now complete. Players that choose to purchase through Steam can now register using their Steam credentials as well as using the new subscription option through the service. Currently this option is only available for new EVE accounts, but that may change in the future. For now, older accounts will have to do it the old fashioned way.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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