EVE Online’s tutorial system has not been the most welcoming of introductions for new players, and according to some metrics from the dev team, it doesn't appear to be doing as good a job of keeping players engaged and learning the ropes of EVE as they hoped. But CCP is looking to change all that.

In the latest developer blog, CCP Greyscale details the process of making the tutorial better, and lays out a number of changes in the works, some of which are on Singularity now. The tutorial changes are expected to deploy as part of Inferno 1.2 update on August 8th. A few of the changes include streamlining the learning process, the removal of automated tutorial progression, an overhaul to the tutorial UI window and much more.

Read the full blog to get all the details and find out how the team decided to change what they did.

Source: EVE Dev Blog – Upcoming Tutorial Changes

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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