What's 200 billion? My government stole, I mean borrowed, 700 billion.

The EVE Online forum starts to read like a police blotter if you can believe everything in there. In a game where virtual back-stabbings are a common occurrence, we shouldn't be surprised by this headline. Apparently this latest cash grab is real though. In yet another high-stakes heist, someone has run off with 200 billion isk from a corporation. That is a lot of money, even for those that claim they can make 1 billion a day. No matter how you slice that, it hurts. According to the EVE Tribune thelung187 was able to walk away with about two thirds of Destructive Influence's cash. The only question I have is why would anyone give a character rights to anything when said character has the police code for a homicide in their name (code 187 - heck they made a movie about it).

The game is made for this to happen. The whole socio-economic structure of EVE is a petri dish to study human behavior. What is interesting to me is that unlike other games where you can transfer servers, EVE has one server/shard. There is no "getting away." I'm sure the na're-do-wells have money laundering schemes too, but that's why I don't even watch the news anymore, too many 187s.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016