CCP has revealed another player-created ship that will be making its debut with EVE Online’s winter expansion – the Gallente Talos.

The Talos, previously known as Seraphim, was designed by Michael Schierup during the EVE Online: Create a Starship Contest on Deviant Art.

The Talos, named after the Greek mythological bronze giant and guardian of the island of Crete, is the counterpart to the Minmatar Tornado and is capable of fitting weapons normally reserved for larger vessels at the expense of defense. According to CCP, the Talos specializes as an “in your face glass cannon" and is referred to as a smaller and more expendable Vindicator.

Check out the latest EVE Online dev blog to learn more about the Gallente Talos.

Source: EVE Online website

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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