If you subscribe to Eve Online, you have access to this weekend’s beta event for DUST 514. CCP has opened the gates for current EVE subscribers to join the MMOFPS mercenary life for a weekend of shooting fun, bug squashing and corporate plotting. As part of the event, EVE will be connected to DUST 514 to help test out the interconnection between the two games that will soon function in the same universe. All you need to do to join is follow these few steps.

1.    Login to your EVE Account Management Voucher Center.

2.    Claim your DUST 514 Beta CCP Code.

3.    Copy the CCP Code displayed in the Voucher Center.

4.    Go to http://dust514.com/redeem and enter the CCP Code to begin.

5.    Follow the instructions at dust514.com to obtain your PlayStation®Network Voucher.

DUST 514 beta servers open today and will be available for play through Monday, August 13th.

Source: DUST 514 Beta Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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