Twitch streaming will be a whole lot easier in EVE Online starting tomorrow. CCP today posted new details about the Twitch integration scheduled to go live tomorrow, which will make streaming EVE Online a whole lot easier, allowing players to easily stream right from the client.

While the simplification of Twitch streaming may be a welcome feature by some, the spy-like nature and sensitive combat behind EVE is also likely to make many alliance leaders cringe at the thought. It’s something that CCP Rise also brings up in a recent blog.

"You might wonder if streaming EVE is actually a terrible idea that could only lead to your own suffering, and at first I wondered about this as well.  Not only did I discover that streaming even the most dangerous and intel-sensitive combat I could find was actually incredibly fun, but the more EVE streams I watch the more I value I think this feature has.  Teaching corpmates to d-scan, giving an EVE-UNI lecture, streaming the eyes of your scout for your gang, following around huge fleets in a cloaky Tengu and playing questionable techno or even streaming market trading (which I spent an hour watching the other night and had a really good time) are just a few of the potential reasons to stream.  You can also set your stream to private on the Twitch stream page if you like.  There's a lot of possibilities and we're hoping the easy access means more new applications pop up."

Like it or not, the new Twitch integration is set to go live on Tuesday, December 10th.You can read more about the new feature in CCP’s Twitch Integration blog.

Source: EVE Twitch Integration Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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