The tentative schedule for EVE Online's Vegas event is now posted and tickets are quickly selling out, I believe there is now 25 or so left according to the post. The schedule includes the infamous Pub Crawl, various panels, and other interesting tidbits:

While this programme is still subject to change, we're excited to bring you a lot of new information regarding what you can expect in EVE Online throughout Winter 2015 and Spring 2016!

If you haven't already gotten hold of your EVE Vegas 2015 ticket, be sure to do so soon! We're selling out fast, with less than 25 tickets remaining before sales close!

Some of the more notable panels is one involving NASA's JPL, which is like you know real dudes who build real ships, and a few things about the upcoming EVE Valkyrie. EVE Vegas is a way for fans who don't want to travel abroad to get some time with the game developers and hang out with fellow friends (and enemies).

EVE Vegas is the 23rd until 25th in, well, Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood. You can check out the schedule here, with links for tickets if interested.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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