Executive Producer Dave Georgeson and a host of EQ2 team leads were
on-hand to introduce style="font-style: italic;">EverQuest 2’s
seventh expansion this weekend at Las Vegas. Six new raid instances,
three hundred new quests, ten instanced dungeons, Velious-themed
battlegrounds areas, and one “massive” contested
dungeon were mentioned as key aspects of this expansion. The real icing
on the cake, however, was that new flying mounts will be available for
all overland zones with the upcoming winter expansion.

Rather than being a part of the EQ2 Extended project or a Station Cash
buy-in, Georgeson explained that players will undertake a quest to earn
their flying mounts, and the mounts will act as ground mounts when
players aren’t in the sky. Flying combat, however, will not
be a part of this expansion, but the mounts will act as ground mounts
when the player isn’t flying. No word on how the Fae, style="font-style: italic;">EQ2’s
fairy-like winged race, will adapt to or be adapted to the mounts.

Content in Destiny
of Velious
will be geared
primarily to level 86+ players, and the expansion is part 1 of the new
Velious content (word is that the immensely popular Siren’s
Grotto area will not be included with part 1). A collector’s
edition was mentioned, but SOE has no information on bonus items at
this time. More when we know more from SOE Fan Faire 2010!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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