EQ2's Splitpaw Saga becomes an "epic" tale

SOE adds the final chapter to this summer's adventure pack. Those
Underpaw gnolls are on the march, led by the epic-challenge mob
Faroth Mal.  Before the SPCA descended on the instance
for alleged cruelty to animals, the devs posted this bit of lore based
on the exploits of guild Ascendance:

"As soon as Faroth Mal fell, the caverns began to collapse. It was
now a race to get out--a race for their lives. Ascendance began to
scale the collapsed rocks and broken tusks towards the surface with
desperate haste. As they moved through a final chokepoint, the ceiling
let out its last shudder and buckled. With daring resolve, the
remaining members of Ascendance leapt into an open cavern while the
rocks filled in behind them.

"The tremor stopped, and the guild looked around at each other,
stunned. “So much for loot,” Kumek laughed and began dusting
him/herself off. “Not funny!” Jedette scorned, “I’m sick of risking my
skin for…” “Look!” shouted Drave. A mysterious glow surrounded them.
Salvatorre reached forward to touch it in disbelief. “It’s gold!
Wagonloads of it!” Ascendance had stumbled upon the fabled treasure
vault of the Underpaw Clan. The rest is history."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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