SOE boss John Smedley announced via Twitter tonight that the EverQuest Next: Landmark alpha NDA has officially been lifted, possibly making it the shortest lived NDA ever. The NDA agreement preventing the discussion, streaming, or sharing of alpha testing for Landmark went into effect with the start of alpha late last night, not that anyone listened. A quick scan of Twitch earlier today revealed over a dozen people streaming the game, so instead of clipping their wings for violating the NDA, SOE opted to let them all fly.

In a series of Twtter posts, Smed confirmed that players are now free to discuss and stream Landmark, but players will still see the physical NDA until they yank it from the process sometime next week.

Of course, with every bit of good news there's always something to dampen the mood.

In any case, the NDA is no more and the gag is off. Have fun and keep youreyes glued to EQHammer for all the latest EverQuest Next: Landmark news.

Source: Twitter


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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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